Bogstad Manor is a place to visit when in Oslo. Have a look at this beautiful historic place.


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It has been a little quiet on the blog lately, but we are working hard behind the ‘scenes’ and we are soon to launch our new collection for the autumn 2015.  This is just to give you a little feeling from our photoshoot in Oslo, at Bogstad Gård.

Being a small growing company, we always have to look for smart and low cost solutions. We wanted to find a unique place in Norway, for our photoshoot for Hippi Grace. This took place with a great help from a FAB team ! Model Nina Hjertås Bull, Photographer Lena Saugen and Organisatior Heidi Loose. Horse owner Karin Thon.


Bogstad Manor was the place – Wow – what a beautiful place for photoshoot ! A very nice place to visit during the weekend.
A cultural monument in Oslo, Norway. Bogstad Manor holds a central position in our Norwegian history, both as an industrial estate and as a centre during important periods of our political history.
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Peder Anker is the man mostly associated with Bogstad Manor. He was our first Norwegian Prime Minister in Stockholm in 1814 during our union with Sweden (1814-1905)  Before 1814 we where in a union with Denmark for nearly 450 years. Norway is quite a young independent nation.
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Thank you Nina, Lena, Hedvig, Karin, Heidi and Ingrid for great help and support ! A fab team work. Gracias !!!


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