We wrote in a post on our social media channels that we were thinking of traveling to Lisbon next, and asked our followers for any advice on what to do and see, small or large. The response was amazing, and as the result of Traveling Thursdays we are now writing down a few travel tips when visiting Lisbon!

First off, Lisbon is the capital of Portugal. Not only is it the capital, but it is the largest city in Portugal as well as, one of the oldest cities in the world. So there is a lot of history here and a big transformation of the city is going on.

We stayed at The Baixa district,  the heart of Lisbon and comprises of magnificent plazas, grand avenues and boutique shopping boulevards. The district is popular with tourists, as contained within Baixa are many of Lisbon’s major tourist attractions, along with a huge variety of restaurants, market, shopping, and many excellent hotels.


Thank you Anne Havsgaard for your tip for this lovely hotel downtown Lisbon The Almalusa Hotel  A charming and stylish boutique hotel with a  perfect location in one of the most emblematic squares of Lisbon – Praça do Município. You can easily walk to the nearest and most beautiful views that Lisbon has to offer. A lovely hotel,  great service and highly recommended.




With the Atlantic on its doorstep, there are many exciting fish dishes to taste. We walked from the hotel, 10 minutes and arrived to the Time Out Market.


Inside the FABULOUS foodhall, you will find a variety of choices of food styles. We went to the waterfront side of the market, where you will  find  pop-ups of various famous chefs. We fell for this guy, Chef Kiko Martins. A blend of Portuguese inspiration with a traditional Peruvian dish – OMG – it was good.





When travelling we love to spend some time just walking around in the city, exploring, taking photos – visiting a small bar and just get the feeling. Lisbon has so much to offer, Lisbon has it all! Even the beach is just a short 30 minute drive – just across the old red bridge Ponte 25 Abril. It is beautiful, click the link to get a sense of the mood video… 

  Bar Praia Da Princesa, Costa da Caparica, Portugal   



Visit the art museum and see the railway station. This time we chose to go for the modern part of Lisbon…. The city’s historic places is a separate blog in itself. 


And last but not least, a must when in Lisbon is to take a ride with the incredibly charming old trams that run in the city center.


Safe travels everyone! You know we love to see your adventures, so use #HippiGraceTravels when you’re out and about to share your experiences with us and our community!

PS – This time we brought the lovely Hippi Grace Kyoto crossbody bag with us for travelling. A perfect size and we are currently making her in lovely new leather/color combinations, together with Hippi Grace Little Sydney for all the business stuff. Stay Tuned….



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