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Here you can get to know us a little better. Hippi Grace has headquarters in an old barn that has been renovated into a creative space with open offices. The barn is filled with good people (Bare Bra Folk as they say), and almost no matter what you are working on, there is always someone there who knows a trick or two to help you out.
Because you are on our blog already, you have most likely seen our beautiful pictures in social media and in our ads over the past years. Most of them are taken by the same woman, Lena Saugen. A Norwegian photographer who has since 2015 helped create the image Hippi Grace have made for itself today. The magazine 55 Pluss wrote a four-spread article about Hippi Grace in their latest edition. The pages are filled with the words of Toril (founder) and the Hippi Grace story, as well as Lena’s beautiful pictures. You can read more about Hippi Grace and Toril in the magazine, but we had a chat with Lena to get to know her a little better.

A spread from the magazine 55 Pluss with photos by Lena Saugen



Lena Saugen

Read on to get to know Lena..

In your opinion, what makes a good picture?

There are multiple ways for a photo to be good, but it needs to communicate in a way, have an emotional meaning of some sort. It needs to communicate a feeling that hits either your stomach, your heart or your head. I also enjoy photos that tell only a little piece of a story and its up to the viewer to imagine the rest and finish the story. Of course composition, editing and style have great meaning in order for a photograph to appeal. It all depends on what story the photograph is supposed to tell..


How was the very beginning, what sparked your interest in photography?

The very early start was when I was 8 years old, driving around Iceland. After hours and hours in a car deserted country roads got boring after a while, so I had to come up with something to do. I made a camera out of paper and pretended to take snapshots of the landscapes and whatever I saw out of the backseat window. On this same trip I rode an Icelandic horse for the first time, so this was an important starting point for me in that way as well. But it wasn’t until I studied at Glasgow University and became a concert photographer that my interest in photography started to get serious.


Do you take a lot of pictures in your spare time? Do you always have a camera with you, or do you sometimes use your camera phone? 

I must admit this varies a lot. Most of the time I am busy with family, work, different photograph stuff like editing, and a little time with horses, honestly, I’d say I work with it almost all the time. Photography takes time and practice, and you just get better and better the more you do it. And no, I don’t always have a camera in my bag, but I use my camera phone a lot.


What is your dream shoot?

Ahh.. if I could choose, it would have to be a combination of the things I love; a really cool location, people/models and of course, horses.


Photo by Lena Saugen


We see in your work that your love for horses goes way back, but how did you get in to fashion photography?

To build my portfolio. I contacted some Norwegian designers to see if anyone needed a photographer and worked for free for a while. Eventually I did some fashion reports for the magazine Equilife, a horse magazine. And a little after that, I met Toril and Hippi Grace and we’ve had a very good and growing relationship so far. I am forever grateful that I have been allowed to be a part of this very exiting journey with Hippi Grace.


What is your biggest accomplishment when it comes to photography?

That’s a tough one.. there have been multiple milestones along the way, both big and small. It has been an incredible journey so far, building piece by piece and one thing leading to another. But one time the biggest horse magazine in China reached out and did a portrait interview, that was very cool. Other than that, my work has been published in a few different magazines, I’ve had a couple of exhibitions, the cover of Equilife World, all very exciting. One time I was so lucky to get to photograph my favorite horse in a Palace backyard in Portugal. No one had been allowed in there with a horse since the Portuguese king ruled.

Photo by Lena Saugen


What is the most rewarding part for you as a photographer?

It must be all the people you meet and the places you get to see. I have experienced a lot, met a lot of wonderful people and some has really had an impact on me. I am truly grateful for this.


Which of the Hippi Grace shoots has been your favorite so far?

Each one has been fantastic in their own way! Consistently learning different things and new experiences. There have been some rocky trips, but we always ended up being happy with our results. Some of the trips to Portugal and Spain have been absolutely unforgettable..

Photo by Lena Saugen for Hippi Grace

What is your favorite subject to photograph?

This one is easy – people and horses.

Photo by Lena Saugen


And lastly, where is your absolute place to travel to?

I love Mexico, I would love to go back there. Or Costa Rica? Or Portugal? Lisbon and Ericeira are two places I find myself going back to.


We would love to hop on a plane to all and any of those places Lena is mentioning, and maybe we will for our next photo shoot!  See more of Lena’s work on her website 

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Thank you for tuning in with us, we love to share our journeys!

Till next time!


– Hippi Grace


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