New York – the big apple! We are back again! It is not a first time for Hippi Grace to go Brooklyn, we keep coming back because we really really like it. It might just be our favorite bite of the big entire apple that New York is. Here we have listed a few of our favorite sports around Brooklyn, take a look!


Hippi Grace Milano and 3in1 – perfect for carry on luggage!


Williamsburg – If you’re into pizza…(who isn’t), a very typical New York thing is the 1-dollar pizza slices. The perfect in between meals whether you’re on the run or simply on a budget. The best $1 slice is found on the corner of Bedford Ave and N 5th Street, at Joe’s. You also have Vinnie’s and Champions Pizza on Bedford Ave, that specializes a little more on different interesting and delicious toppings, and all just a comfortable 10-minute walk apart from each other! 

Joe’s Pizza…the best!


New York, whatever area very often include a lot of walking, so for a meal that you would like to sit down and enjoy with maybe with a cocktail we know the spot. Freehold is a quite lovely venue where you can eat all meals of the day, as well as enjoy live music, trivia, comedy shows and dancing. For the warmer days there is also a very nice back yard hang out spot. Check their website to see their menus and program for the time when you are there. You can even do a virtual tour of the place, click here! Oh, and also, staff is great, which is important!

The backyard at Freehold, super cozy!


A little more North in Williamsburg there is the Brooklyn Brewery. A cool and chill experience with a short and sweet tour of the place. After the tour you’ll hang out in a big beautiful and rustic brick walled room with social tables and all the different beers. If you are a beer lover, you should definitely check this out. Note, their opening hours are somewhat limited, so make sure you check that out before you head over! 

The very cool venue for Brooklyn Brewery


And right around the corner, a place to stay while in town, at The Williamsburg Hotel. A relaxed and brand new hotel with a super cool hotel bar, a restaurant, The Harvey, a water house on the roof with a spectacular view of the Manhattan skyline, as well as a pool area (if the season is right). We enjoyed our stay here and the very comfy robes!(;

The Hotel Bar at The Williamsburg Hotel


Coffee shops, yoga studios, petite art galleries, bars, vintage stores, a deli on every corner and a whole bunch of street art sums Bushwick up pretty well. One thing we love about New York is that the city, nor any borough, ever sleeps. 7 days a week you can at any hour find something to do. 

Here is a photo from our pitstop at Toby’s Estate Brooklyn after hitting up the local vintage shops, and the Cappuccino and Ham & Cheese croissant was delicious (; 

At Toby’s – Cappuccinos, Croissants and 3in1 !


We went to brunch at Benelux, a fairly new bar/restaurant in Bushwick. We had seen photos and heard about the place from friends. I had hear a particularly good rumor about the pancake there, and hello look at that pancake, and look at that bacon! It is served in a hot iron skillet, what a super cool presentation! We all tasted the pancake and we all agreed it was the best pancake we’ve ever had! Definitely worth checking out, as it is close to the Bedford stop on the L-Train too. 

Still dreaming of this brunch…


And here is a list of other places we have been previously and definitely recommend you checking out:

  • Archie’s – another fantastic pizza place! Super cozy small venue, and their menu has a lot more than just pizza, all of course Italian inspired foods. The staff is always cool and friendly! 
  • Seawolf – there isn’t a whole bunch of seafood places around the Bushwick area, but the best one is Seawolf. If you are into frozen drinks, make sure you get a Painkiller!(;
  • 983 – also known as Bushwick’s Livingroom
  • Brooklyn Cider House – if cider is your thing, this is your spot. High ceilings, dark wood and black steel creates a cool venue.
  • George & Jacks – brown bar in Williamsburg – free popcorn! 
  • Juliette – French cuisine in Williamsburg
  • Baby’s All Right – good place to get Brunch/Lunch and check the calendar for concerts!
  • Brooklyn Steel – check for concerts!!
  • Champs Diner – for the vegans! 
  • Syndicated – small cinema theater showing new and old movies, with good food! Very good experience!


That is it for now, guys! Thank you for visiting our blog and joining us on our travels! 
If you have any questions or comments please use the comment field below! 


Team Hippi Grace


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