Travel Thursday: Malaga

Along Costa del Sol in Spain’s southern region, you will find Málaga, the perfect beach vacation destination, but also the home of Pablo Picasso and Antonio Banderas!


Rent a bike
The best way to see Málaga is by bike! There are tours on bike and on segways you can book – a fun and little different way to explore. Taking one of the tours on a first day can open your horizon to places you haven’t heard of yet and you’ll have time to go back.

There are many good museums and a lot of good art in this city. Here are a few: The Cac, Museo Ruso / The Russian Museum and while you’re close to the Russian Museum stop by the Automobile Museum. Naturally Picasso has a museum in his name in Málaga, Museo Picasso Málaga. An old palace was transformed to what is now an amazing art experience, consisting of donations from the Picasso family and is much worth visiting.

The beach is never far away in this coastal city whether you’re at the golf course or out shopping. Playa del Campo de Golf – San Julián is a beach that stretched over 2 kilometers. Nudist beaches, surf beaches almost a beach for every occasion is to be found in this city.

Little Markets
You can find little shops with handmade items, good food, some clothes and decorations on the street market in the port of Málaga at Muelle Uno. These markets and shops aren’t to be found every day, so make sure if you want to check out the street markets you do some research beforehand.

Eating and drinking
There are plenty of good tapas bars and restaurants, rooftops with amazing views, one is Toro Muelle Uno, another is Saloniki – great Greek food and wonderful view.
Usually a really good tip is to as the locals where to find the best food around!(;


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-Team Hippi Grace


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